Ensuring your organization makes an impact is contingent upon a nonprofit partnership that will make the most of your contribution. Philanthropic.ly’s online platform can guide you through the process of finding a partner to further your mission. 

Begin with identifying a cause important to your organization and establish a plan for impact. Once you have determined these values, consider the qualities your organization desires in a partner. For instance, a national organization may be more suitable for a plan involving big events and a large media presence, whereas a smaller, community-based nonprofit may not have the stability or reach to accomplish the same goals.

Log in to Philanthropic.ly’s online platform to search our list of pre-vetted organizations. Our service collects basic information from active grants to digital channels, providing you with the values you need to make a decision. Be sure to check on the organization’s financial status, accountability, and transparency, as 35% of Americans believe company reputation is just as important as its services or products. Most charities share this information on their site proving their good governance, but not all organizations make ethical and responsible decisions which can be seen through lack of public, downloadable financial documents and updated website information. 

Reach out to the nonprofit you have chosen by offering them a sponsorship through Philanthropic.ly. This opens a line of communication between your organization and the nonprofit, creating a space to address all comments, questions, and concerns. Discuss how your accomplishments, goals, and challenges overlap to see if a partnership would be mutually beneficial. If an organization is unwilling to admit its weaknesses, you may want to consider contacting a different one. As the sponsorship is solidified, your organizations can begin identifying how and when to distribute funds in order to make the biggest impact. 

With corporate giving increasing by 8%, investing in a partnership is proving to promote philanthropy, cultivate change, and benefit both parties. Start your search for a new partnership with Philanthropic.ly, today!