Companies with a focus in cause marketing or a full-fledged corporate social responsibility (CSR) program can tell you that corporate philanthropy has many positive impacts. A popular way to create a mutually beneficial relationship between a nonprofit and a corporation is to exchange donations for digital asset marketing. When a nonprofit mentions a company and its involvement in a capital campaign or fundraising project, the company sees a community awareness of its philanthropic efforts. Sponsoring a nonprofit and being mentioned in their social media creates a sense of legitimacy, validating company goodwill, and positively impacting brand reputation.

Nonprofits make a wonderful marketing partner. All e-newsletter recipients and social media followers are there because they believe in the organization’s mission. Nonprofit organization email lists have grown an average of 7% year over year in the last few years, particularly health organizations whose subscriber list grew 74% in 2018. The volume at which nonprofits are communicating with their subscribers is also rising. In 2018, the average number of emails sent per subscriber was 59, an 8% increase from the year prior.

Organizations’ social media following is also growing. For every 1,000 email addresses a nonprofit had in their list, organizations had an average of 806 Facebook fans, 286 Twitter followers, and 101 Instagram followers. With, companies can monitor and track which of their nonprofit partners have mentioned the company on social media and directly tie that back into measuring the return on investment of the good deed. The nonprofit benefits by receiving the money they need to do good, and the company is publicized for their philanthropy, increasing the chances of becoming favorable in consumers’ eyes.

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