The rise of influencer marketing is noticeable for anyone who uses social media regularly. Social media platform stars, from Instagram to YouTube, are using their large followings to advertise products they use and trust (and have been paid to use) to the masses. Consumers respond well to the personal feeling of a popular figure endorsing a product on their own social accounts. In fact, a combination of both brand and influencer Twitter posts increases a user’s purchase intent 5.2x compared to 2.7x increase when exposed to brand tweets alone.

Nonprofit organizations see a similar level of trust between their social accounts and the supporters who follow them. Nonprofits have the advantage over for-profit businesses of telling stories that can pull at heartstrings. Users have a high level of trust for their favorite nonprofits when they donate, as they are getting no product or services from making a donation to a nonprofit. When a nonprofit endorses a business, supporters listen. Plus, nonprofits have the following to back up the good deed donations a company gives. On average, for every 1,000 email addresses in a nonprofit’s mailing list, an organization has 806 Facebook fans, 286 Twitter followers, and 101 Instagram followers.

Companies can start searching for verified nonprofits for free by joining Nonprofits list their social media accounts, the following they have on each platform, their website and blog, their email marketing list size, and their stated fundraising need. Corporations search for organizations that match their values and beliefs, and decide on a partnership. After finding a match and forming a partnership between company and nonprofit, the organization can publicly thank the company for their monetary (or in-kind) donation on all digital assets, such as email lists and social media accounts. A public endorsement of a business from a trusted nonprofit shows consumers that the company has a respectable CSR program, as well as their foot in the door for the local community. is a new way for companies to give, turning corporate giving into an investment. Find a nonprofit match today by joining for free at