Today’s business environment demands more than a product or service, but also a cause. As 78% of Americans believe it’s important for companies to stand up to important social justice issues, forming your own corporate social responsibility (CSR) program has the potential to create positive change for both your consumers and organization. Therefore ensuring your program is a success lies in aligning your business practices with a practical purpose.

When constructing your CSR program, the first order of business is identifying your program’s mission. Focusing on what worldly causes your employees and consumers are passionate about and overlapping these findings with your board values can help to solidify the strategy and purpose of the program. With access to’s online platform, you can search a hub of vetted nonprofits for a cause that matches your mission. Merging your efforts with your partnered nonprofit will help to grow your CSR program by encouraging employee and community support with your fundraisers, events, and initiatives. REI set an example by recently pledging $250,000 in national parks restoration efforts to the National Parks Foundation while encouraging their employees and partners to support as well. The goal of CSR programs is to make change and promote positive brand association. However, a successful program is one your staff, community, and consumers are proud to get involved with, support, and spread awareness of.

These programs can feel overwhelming from the pressure of your financial team and the vision of your board, which is why planned reporting can help alleviate the pressure. Check that your return on investment, employee retention rates, and general impact are reaching your company’s goals with a CSR Report. This report is designed to detail your program’s contributions and actions to the principles of sustainable development while also supplying a transparent document for anyone to view. Adding this report to your site is likely to attract more consumers as 75% of people are likely to buy from companies who support similar issues they’re passionate about.

Find a cause to start your CSR program’s mission alongside using’s platform. Free to businesses, make a connection with a nonprofit organization that will support your initiative.