Since the initiation of cause marketing campaigns, its success has reverberated across more and more marketing strategies reaching 66% of businesses. With this new generation of consumers, being transparent about issues your organization cares about earns their attention and loyalty. This proves a well-formed, authentic cause marketing campaign can be one of the most powerful and effective forms of marketing for both corporations and nonprofits. 

A successful cause marketing campaign focuses on four parts: authenticity, familiarity, press coverage, and brand. Partnering with the right nonprofit is essential, as your relationship must be authentic, mutually beneficial, and make logical sense based on both your missions in order for consumers to invest in your campaign. For instance, an organization selling coffee should not partner with a cancer foundation, as these topics are too different and their partnership would likely produce a muddled and mismatched mission. 

Creating ties with another organization, nonprofit or not, is a big leap that requires consideration of consumer familiarity. Find an organization that has already proven their trustworthiness to their consumers so you can begin branding with a transparent plate. Once your brand is established and your initiatives are set in motion, encourage your consumers to share your brand with hashtags and re-posts as a cost-free method of advertising. Increasing your brand visibility will cause more consumers to pay attention to both your organizations’ choices. As 64% of consumers say they prefer businesses to integrate cause marketing over simply donating,  consider constructing an official report or document detailing your brand’s finances and plans to make accessible to your consumers. Being proactive and transparent about your cause marketing campaign will earn consumer loyalty, build brand awareness, and encourage new consumer engagement.

Use to search for a foundation whose goals align and complement yours. Build a brand with a strong partnership and mission through our platform to start accomplishing your goals.