A single channel can help your company improve general public relations (PR), increase brand recognition within target audiences, and achieve a positive return on investment (ROI). Though cause marketing is usually associated with corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and small annual philanthropy budgets, now it presents new opportunities to target, track, and provide value to your digital marketing campaign. To increase your brand visibility, adjust the focus of your social media strategy and offer corporate sponsorships to nonprofits who promote similar goals with a strong digital following. 

Join Philanthropic.ly’s expansive platform in order to search and establish mutually beneficial partnerships to build CSR and help improve your company’s public goodwill, while targeting prospective new clients and customers. As your partnered nonprofit mentions your involvement and generosity through social media and additional digital channels, awareness of your philanthropic efforts and community engagement will spread, generating a profitable return on investment. Sponsoring a nonprofit and being mentioned in their social media creates a sense of legitimacy, validating your company goodwill, and positively impacting your brand reputation by appealing to the preferences of your target audience. In this developing digital age, the younger generations have little fondness for large traditional institutional brands that can be perceived to concentrate on profit over purpose. They prefer to support companies whose missions benefit struggling initiatives, communities, and world issues while positively participating in the economy. In order to appeal to this new rising audience, integrating “ethical” responsibility into your business plan is essential. By giving more to nonprofit organizations, your company can increase brand reach, reputation, and consumer perception, while spotlighting your willingness to make community part of your purpose, and checking off the ethical box. Learn more about how to make the most of your budget and reach the right audiences in a challenging digital age with Philanthropic.ly!