In the age of viral media and growing call for transparent company practices, corporate social responsibility is more important than ever. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a combination of efforts on the part of the company to improve their consumer relationship and global image to one of positive impact. This can include environmental efforts, philanthropy, ethical labor practices, and employee volunteering opportunities.

Every year, more consumers expect businesses to prioritize CSR within their business practices. Today, more than 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product or service if it comes from a socially responsible company. 

Once a company has invested in CSR, it can shift its advertising practices to cause marketing. Cause marketing promotes a cause rather than a product. These marketing strategies associate your brand with social good, even activism. Many brands have fully immersed themselves in pro-social campaigns, such as Toms, which donates free shoes for a child in need for every pair bought; Patagonia, which donates a percentage of all sales to environmental preservation; or Ben & Jerry’s, which creates special flavors based on social activism that donate a percentage of unit sales to each cause.

The most successful cause marketing elevates brand meanings beyond products or services. Nonprofits carry tremendous influence-marketing potential with today’s audiences. By utilizing a nonprofit organization’s digital media assets, like social media account or websites, your company’s good deeds can be magnified well beyond their dollar amount.

Businesses need a quick and easy way to find nonprofits that match their core values. has redefined giving by answering this need. When you join — for free — you can anonymously search verified nonprofits and reach out to the organizations who match your beliefs and company values. Each nonprofit lists their social media followers and engagement rates, along with details on their need for sponsorship funding. After you find a partner, you can associate your brand with their cause, expanding your brand’s digital reach via the partner’s digital marketing assets. 

Find and manage your company’s nonprofit partnerships, all in one management system. Find your match, form partnerships, and reach more audiences while developing your company’s CSR program. Giving has benefits.

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