Philanthropic.ly has changed the way companies and nonprofits network together. Nonprofits carry tremendous influence-marketing potential with today’s audiences. Considering the impact of social media, a nonprofit partner highlighting their corporate sponsor can have a meaningful impact. Corporate social responsibility doesn’t have to just feel good; it can create good as well. The motivating factor behind Philanthropic.ly is to change the way companies view corporate social responsibility, exposing the profitable side of donating.

Turn corporate giving from an expense to an investment.

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Get found by companies looking for missions and causes just like yours.

Expose your organization to socially-responsible companies with little or no effort from your staff.

Build strong relationships with corporate sponsors and maintain them all in one place, year after year.

Your company will

Easily find vetted nonprofits that fit your CSR giving criteria.
Associate your brand with their cause and share in advancing their mission.
Expand your brand’s digital reach via your nonprofit partner’s digital marketing assets.

And it’s free for companies to join!



Nonprofits carry tremendous influence-marketing potential with today’s audiences.

Considering the impact of social media, when your nonprofit partner highlights and shares your company your good deeds can be magnified well beyond their dollar amount. Giving Philanthropic.ly has dual benefits.


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Why We Do It?

We know that nonprofits are doing vital, ground-breaking work across the world. From the local to the international level, nonprofits are the glue that holds society together. Finding the perfect corporate sponsorship should be easier for both corporations and nonprofits of all sizes.

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